Swing, Spring & Flip Club is a non-profit organization sponsored in part by funding from

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Swing, Spring and Flip

Gymnastics & Trampoline


1233 Mackenzie Rd.

Box 664

Port Elgin, ON N0H 2C0

(519) 832-3676



Advanced Trampoline

Ages 8 +


This class works on more advanced trampoline skills and combinations.  Using the Ross pages, multiple twisting skills and flips are progressed and developed.  Routines are also worked on with the possibility of attending a competition at the end of the year.

As trampoline is an individual sport, athletes work at their own level, and progress at different levels.  Some athletes may be working on basic flips, while others may be working on barani (front flip with half a twist performed in the tuck, pike, or straight position), full twisting flips, or more.