Swing, Spring & Flip Club is a non-profit organization sponsored in part by funding from

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Swing, Spring and Flip

Gymnastics & Trampoline


1233 Mackenzie Rd.

Box 664

Port Elgin, ON N0H 2C0

(519) 832-3676



Gymnastics started out in Port Elgin as a special interest class in the Racquetball Club in 1982.  As the program developed and increased in size, it became too large for the Racquetball Club, and moved into the schools. The town of Port Elgin supported the gymnastics programs in the schools and encouraged the development of both coaches and athletes. 


In 1992, the non-profit board Huron Shores Gymnastics Association was created to take over the gymnastics programs in Port Elgin and ran classes in several schools over the following years.  In 1998, the building at 1233 MacKenzie Road was built by then-coach Christine Coulter-Whitaker.  She created Huron Shores Gymnastics and Trampoline Club, which was run separately from the Association. 


In 1999, John Craig was invited to come to Port Elgin as a Trampoline coach.  In 2000, John bought the Club from Christine and continued the gymnastics program in Port Elgin.  In 2008, Swing, Spring and Flip was incorporated to replace Huron Shores as a new non-profit Club to allow the Club to seek funding from various sources that are not available to private enterprises.

 The Club has many athletes that have competed at Provincial and National Championships, and have gone on to become successful adults in a variety of fields!

Swing, Spring and Flip is currently supported in part by a grant from the Trillium Foundation of Ontario.