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Athletes Rock it in Brampton

Nine gymnasts from Swing, Spring and Flip Club represented Saugeen Shores this weekend in Brampton at the All-Stars competition.


Bella Hobson of Port Elgin ranked Silver on Floor in the Level 2 Age 8 category, and ranked Bronze on Beam and Bars.  She had tight legs in her handstand on balance beam, and her floor routine impressed everyone.  With athletes under 9 years old, scores are not reported to comply with the Candian Long-Term Athlete Development model from Gymnastics Canada.  Nice work Bella!


Kyra Faulkner of Port Elgin competed Level 2 Age 9.  She scored 7.25 on Bars to take 5th place, 8.2 on Balance Beam, also 5th place, 8.55 on Vault and 8.85 on Floor, and placed 5th on both events as well.  Her overall total of 32.85 placed her 5th overall.  Good work Kyra!


Cali Drope of Saugeen Shores competed in the Level 2 Age 11&12 group.  She scored 6th on Bars, scored 8.575 on Beam to place 7th, scored 9.05 on Floor Exercise for 7th as well, and scored 9.05 on Vault to take 7th place.  Her overall total of 33.475 placed her in 7th overall.  Congratulations Cali!


Ava Rothmaier of Kincardine competed Level 2 Age 10.  She placed 6th on Bars, scored 8.575 on Floor to take 5th place, scored 8.925 on Beam and again took 5th place, and scored 9.025 on Vault for 5th place.  Her overall total score of 33.375 ranked her 6th overall.  Great job at your first meet Ava!


The Level 3 and up athletes are working towards qualifying for Provincial Championships in June in Belleville.  Their best 2 scores from 3 qualifying meets will count in their rankings from athletes across Ontario.


Samara Quanz competed in the Level 3 Age 13 group.  She performed amazing routines and stunned the crowd and judges.  Her Vault and Bars scored 9.075 and 8.8 respectively, and ranked 4th.  Her Floor Exercise was clean, and scored 9.3 and she took the Bronze Medal.  Her Beam routine was even better, and scored 9.00 for the Silver Medal!  Her overall total score of 36.175 gave her the Silver Medal overall. Great performances Samara!


Sadie Rahn of Paisley competed in the Level 3 Age 10 group.  She placed 8th on Bars with a score of 7.0, was 6th on Vault with a score of 8.75, and was 5th place on Beam and Floor with scores of 8.9 on both events.  Her overall score of 33.55 placed her in 8th place.  Good work Sadie!

Olivia McNabb of Port Elgin competed in the Level 3 Age 9 group.  She placed 9th on Floor, took 8th place on Beam and Bars, scoring 8.375 and 7.85 respectively, and was 4th place on Vault with a score of 9.65.  Her overall total score of 3.875 put her in 8th place.  Good job Olivia!


Sabra Cannon of Port Elgin competed in the Level 5 Age 10 group.  She placed 5th on Floor and Beam, scoring 8.8 and 8.95 on the two events.  Her Bars were excellent, scoring 9.1 and taking 4th place. Her Vault was tight and clean, scoring 8.65 and taking the Bronze Medal.  Her overall total of 35.5 put her in 4th place overall.  Good performances Sabra!

Aliyah Petronski of Port Elgin competed in the Level 5 Age 11 group.  She showed excellent form, and placed 8th on Beam with a 7.65.  Her Bars scored 7.3 to take 7th place, and her Vault took 6th place with a score of 8.425.  Her Floor routine was excellent, and scored 8.875 to take 5th place.  Her overall score of 32.25 put her in 7th place overall.

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