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Session Two Registrations

We are now taking registration for RETURNING participants who are staying in the Same Class.  Since you are already registered, you just need to drop off payment to John or your coach.

We will be taking new registrations or registrations for people switching classes starting on Monday October 29th on a first come-first served basis.  Remember, registrations are not complete without payment.

Unfortunately we are not able to 'hold' spots for people - with over 300 gymnasts spread over 91 classes, things are very busy around here!

More New Classes!

We have added several classes to our schedule!  Our Monday has become very busy, with a Kinder class and a Boys Rec class running 4:30 to 5:30.  We are also adding a new Springers class on Monday from 6:30 to 8 pm because all of the other Springers classes are completely full!

There is also interest in running a Friday daytime class, if you are interested in this, let me know!

Fall Registrations in Full Swing!

Starting August 1st, we have seen an amazing amount of registrations already! I look forward to a busy year of fun, fitness and fundamentals.  From Parent and Tot classes to Competitive Gymnastics, Trampoline and Acrobatics, it's going to be a fun year.

Thank you all for coming in to register, and for those who still have to register, we still have (some) room, so come in, call, e-mail, or mail your registrations in!  Remember we book on a first-come, first-served basis!

Vaughn Invitational has Gymnasts Flipping!

On the weekend of May 12, 2012, four athletes represented Swing, Spring and Flip Club at the 20th annual Invitational hosted by Vaughn Gymnastics Club.

All of the athletes showed improvements in their scores, and have worked hard all year.  The athletes compete in Level 2, separated by age divisions.

In the 7 and 8 year old division, Kaleigh Novakowich and Alyssa Moorehead scored a Silver placing overall.  Kaleigh scored 9.00 on Vault for a Merit, 10.00 on Beam and Floor, taking a Siver ranking on those two events, and scored 10.500 to receive a Gold ranking on Bars.  Her overall score was 39.500.

Alyssa also scored a Merit rank on Vault with 9.300, recieved a Bronze rank on Beam and Floor with scores of 9.750 and 9.500 respectively, and scored 11.200 on floor to receive Gold ranking.  Alyssa's Floor score was .05 off of the top score of 11.250.  Alyssa scored 39.750 overall.

The 9 and 10 year old category was so large that they had to split it in to three groups.  Calla MacTavish was in Group 2, and showed excellent routines.  She scored 8.850 on Vault to rank 8th, 10.150 on Bars to again rank 8th in the group, performed well on Floor to score 10.200 and take 6th place, and showed an amazing Beam routine to score 10.200 and take the Silver medal on Beam.  Her total score of 39.400 placed her in 6th place overall.

In Group Three, Ruby Hall Elwood had some good routines.  A slip on Vault caused her to default, but she showed good routines on Bars, scoring 8.900 for 10th place, scored 8.150 on Beam to take 8th place, and 9.800 on Floor for 8th place.  Due to her default on Vault she did not receive a score on vault, which dropped her overall total to 26.850 for 10th place.

These four girls will be joined by Provincial Level 5 athlete Carsyn Cassidy in Orangeville on the weekend of May 26th for their final meet of the year.  Good luck girls!

March Break Schedule!

For the March Break we are having our March Break Camp from Monday through Friday.  We have Open Gym Monday through Friday at 3 pm, but have cancelled our Sundays (March 11 and 18) as I am teaching courses in the city (training up new coaches!).  We have also cancelled our Friday morning Kinder Open Gym, as March Break Camp conflicts with it too much!



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