Swing, Spring & Flip Club is a non-profit organization sponsored in part by funding from

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Swing, Spring and Flip

Gymnastics & Trampoline


1233 Mackenzie Rd.

Box 664

Port Elgin, ON N0H 2C0

(519) 832-3676



Super Stars and All Stars

Athletes in this class are hard-working, dedicated athletes who are self-motivated to succeed and are able to work towards their goals.  Most participants in this class have progressed through the Rising Stars and Shooting Stars groups or Spingers and Swingers classes.  Tryouts are available for those who have not previously been involved with the Club.

This is a school year-long program and athletes and parents are expected to commit to the program for the school year from September through June.  There is also summer training available at this level and summer is used to advance skills and combinations as well as increase strength and power.

Practices for the Competitive group are 3 hours long, and athletes will train between 2 and 4 days a week depending on level. 

Entry into the Competitive program is limited and athletes wishing to join the Competitive team must join in September as the competitive program progresses through the pre-season phase to the pre-competitive and competitive phases.  In each phase a different focus is emphasized based on the results from the previous phase, and skill combinations and routines are developed across the year.

Fees for these groups are monthly, and include registration in competitions.